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From the epicurious to the unique, artisan eco-freindly Pop Organic lollipops and sweets
(Lollipops are the new cupcakes!)
About Us

About Us

Organic Eco Friendly Sweets: Because If You Have to Be Naughty . . . Well You Know The Rest
Our enthusiastic Pop Organic team is one part scientist, few parts artist, and all parts people with real passions for cooking — especially fun, unusual, gastronomy worthy dishes. We love making candy for you and love imagining your faces when you first open, and then taste our treats (oh to be flies on the wall)!

So, how did we get started?

Our team has a sweet tooth, but some of us are a little obsessed with balance. That means when we scarf down dessert (and we do) we also think about everything that goes into our bodies. Worrying about eating junk during the holidays (isn't there always one), and weddings (so many weddings), and birthday parties, not to mention what to feed our own children can be tiring, so we started thinking about ways to make it all just a little easier.  

We're not going to lie — we know, obviously candy isn't healthy. BUT that doesn't mean it has to be as terrible as a lot of store bought brands, or homemade varieties that include dubious ingredients.  

Which led us to some thought provoking questions:

— Can we make sweets a teeny bit better for people?

— Can we limit the trash and eco-damage our massive candy eating world produces?  
— Is there some way to make eating healthier fun?
— And ultimately, how can we feel a little less bad about indulging?

And so, after a lot of research and trial and error Pop Organic was born.

We're candy makers with a lot of experience in labs, and studios, and kitchens. We like to think of ourselves as having sophisticated palates (though some of us really love Peeps and Circus Peanuts) and absolutely love challenging each other to come up with new and funky gastronomic ideas. On the other hand, old favorites often stay old favorites because they stick with simple formulas and flavors. Keeping that in mind, we've tried to merge the best of both worlds into Pop Organic. 

As we wrote before, we absolutely love making candy for you. A session in our kitchen satisfies our need to cook, create, and design all while satiating our lust for art and science in one sitting. We also love you — people — so knowing you enjoy what we make (and conversing with us about it) makes us very happy! 

Pop Organic is a small beans endeavor — all of our candies and pops are hand poured and hand packaged, and often made to order. We pride ourselves on being HONEST, organic, and absolutely eco-freindly. Pop Organic also strives to use as many organic products as we can, but some of our ingredients are not organic and some aren't great for you (hello marshmallow creme); when we do use them we ALWAYS list it in the product's ingredients section. We're all for full disclosure!

Also important:

- All of our products use Organic vegan sugar.
- We only use non-GMO corn syrup (corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup are not the same!).
- We work in a completely gluten-free, peanut free kitchen.
- The majority of our products are certified Kosher (when in doubt ask).
— We take custom orders! From small gift baskets to big weddings, if it can be done, we'll do it!
— Have a unique flavor in mind? We're up to the challange.  Just contact us and see what wonderful things come out of our kitchen.